Two-Piece Sump Pump Bucket


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The Two-Piece Sump Pump Bucket was specifically designed to easily fit through the crawl space door or the 8” x 16” air vent.  It’s separated into 3 easily assembled pieces so it can fit into a regular foundation access and easily maneuvered to where it’s being installed, or it can be assembled prior to bringing it in through the crawl space access.  When the bucket is assembled, the pins and nuts can be used to hold the cloth around the bucket.  When it’s dropped into the hole it won’t slide off. BUCKET DESIGNED FOR A VERTICAL FLOAT SUMP PUMP. We suggest Zoeller M53 Sump Pump.

Important:  The sump pump bucket is designed specifically for the sump pump.  It is wide enough to easily operate a sump pump and easily operate in the bucket.  Unlike paint buckets from the hardware store, the on and off switch will not be stuck in either position causing damage to your crawl space.


  • Assembled – 14 ½” Tall x 11 ¼” Wide
  • Disassembled – 14 ½” Tall x 5 ½” Wide


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Crawl Space Door Systems’ Two-Piece Sump Pump Bucket is specifically designed with tight or restricted spaces in mind.  Indoors and outdoors, eliminate standing water from areas without proper drainage.  Prevent the accumulation of moisture, fungus, and odors commonly found in residential crawl spaces.  The perforated basin and solid keeps large debris from entering the pit, eliminating maintenance.


  • Designed specifically with tight or restricted spaces in mind.
  • Eliminate standing water from areas without proper drainage.
  • Dewatering in crawl spaces.
  • Dewatering under mobile homes.

Sump Pump Bucket: Innovation That Makes a Difference

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 13 × 13 in