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Crawl Space Door without Louver

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Crawl Space Door without Louver


  • Flush mount install over the foundation opening: if you have an opening slightly smaller or larger you can utilize this crawlspace door
  • For example: on the 20″x32″ model, the opening within frame is 20″x32″ with 3″ frame for mounting = Total Dimensions 26″x38″
  • Perfect for Retro-Fit
  • Great for encapsulating a crawlspace
  • Or just replacing your crawlspace door
  • Remove cover for easy access
  • Made of durable ABS / UV treated plastic


Crawl Space Doors without Louvers

Crawl Space Doors without Louvers are designed for encapsulation and crawlspace access.

Most foundation doors are either rusting or rotting and detract from the “curb appeal” of your home; not to mention attracting termites, rodents, and other pests.  Our Crawl Space Doors without Louvers are made from a durable and attractive ABS/UV treated plastic that will not rust or rot. You simply mount the frame over the foundation opening with the included hardware, place the cover over the frame, and secure with the included pins.  It’s that easy.

All models come with a 3” frame for mounting.  For example, if your foundation opening is 16”x32”, you would want to order a 1632CSNL, allowing an extra 3” for mounting.  We recommend using a  1/4″ masonry drill bit or construction  adhesive.  For further assistance, check out the videos on the “Installation” tab on this page.

Crawl Space Doors without Louvers come in five convenient sizes.  Select Models also come in white and can be painted. We recommend a plastic adherent paint.

If you are looking for crawlspace doors or vents for ventilation, check out our Crawl Space Doors with Louvers and our Manual Vents with Covers or Automatic Foundation Vents.

Standard Door Installation Instructions

Crawl Space Doors without Louver with Cover
Crawl Space Doors without Louvers are used for crawlspace access and encapsulation: simply secure the included cover with pins. Crawl Space Doors without louver can also be painted with a plastic adherent paint!



Whether you do it yourself, or you are a home improvement professional, a pest control specialist or other services professional, we have the training and informational videos that will save you time and money and make your crawl space projects easy and successful!

Depending on the project, whether it is a vapor barrier, crawl space door, flood vent, air vent, or dehumidifier project, please click on the videos below to learn how to quickly implement the techniques you need for your project or simply learn about the product.


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