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Manual Air Vent

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Manual Air Vent


  • One-piece fixed louvered air vent with manual cover for colder weather and louvers and vermin screen for warmer weather
  • Flush-mount installation over foundation opening-your opening may be slightly larger or smaller than 8″x16″ to mount. Total Diminesion=11″x19″
  • Great for ventilation and encapsulation
  • Made of durable ABS plastic (no rust or rot)
  • Installation hardware included
  • NFA (Net Free Airflow) 95 – almost double the amount of other air vents
  • Built to last – save money – no rusting
  • Paintable with plastic adherent paint
  • Model #: AV8162=Black | AV816W2=White
  • Color – Black
  • Color – White
  • Both colors have heavy-duty metal screen behind louvers

Foundation Air Vent with Removable Cover-white
The manual foundation air vent with removable cover comes in black and white and can be painted!

What are the benefits of using a manual air vent with cover over using an automatic air vent?

The 8”x16” Manual Air Vent with Removable Cover easily fits over standard 8”x16” foundation openings in the crawlspace or foundation of a home. The Manual Air Vent with Removable Cover is flush-mount, which means it can fit over most openings-even if they are slightly larger or smaller than 8”x16”.

Great for ventilation and encapsulation! Almost double the amount of NFA compared to other air vents when you need ventilation and it comes with a cover for easy encapsulation.

What if I have Vinyl siding?

No problem! Simply slip the surface-mount flange under for installation – no cutting or worrying about sliding the vent over the foundation opening.

Do I have to service or replace this vent as often as automatic vents?

No, because our durable ABS/UV treated Air Vent with Removable Cover is built to last! The Air Vent with Removable Cover will not rust or rot, it will not need servicing or replacing every year.

Can I close up my crawlspace for the winter with this vent?

Yes, simply secure the cover with the included hardware, and you will be protecting your crawlspace and pipes from harsh winter temperatures and conditions.

Is the Manual Air Vent with Removable Cover paintable?

Yes, our models come in black and white and can be painted with a plastic adherent pain.

What if I am unhappy with or unable to use the Manual Air Vent with Removable Cover?

You may return the product for a full refund-simply pay shipping and handling.


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