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Our Product line includes durable plastic doors with louvers and vermin screen, air vents with louvers and vermin screen, FEMA compliant flood vents, shutter fans, doors with fans, portable crawlspace fans and vent covers. These door systems are designed to create easy access to the crawlspace and maximize crawlspace ventilation. Exhaust fan doors are effective as whole crawlspace exhaust systems. The doors and vent covers can be used seal crawlspaces and for encapsulation applications. All of our products are easy to install.

Inside your home look for:

  • Distortions in your wood floors.
  • Notes from your termite inspectors that you have a moisture problem.
  • Excess amount of mildew in your house.
  • High energy bills for your air conditioning system in the summer.

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Houses most prone to moisture problems:

  • Non-sufficient crawlspace ventilation.
  • Flat property with poor natural drainage.
  • Soil level around the house above crawlspace.
  • Dense shrubs blocking any natural ventilation.
  • Large homes with extended foot prints.
  • Large sections without vents, such as garages, decks, porches, and additions.

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Contributing factors to excess moisture in your crawlspace:

  • Poor ventilation through crawlspace.
  • Poor drainage around your house.
  • Not paying attention to water run-off.
  • No gutters or water spouts leading the water away from the house.
  • A leak in the irrigation system.
  • Condensation from the HVAC unit not piped to the outside.
  • HVAC ducts not properly insulated.

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Inside your crawlspace look for:

  • Stale and musty odors.
  • Moist and wet insulation which is beginning to fall down.
  • Mildew covering the wood structure, or even worse the growth of fungi on the surface.
  • A wood surface which feels “soft” and can easily be penetrated with a sharp object.
  • Water marks along the walls and under the duct works (HVAC).
  • Any standing water after a heavy rain fall.

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