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Columbia University Center for Radiological Research – Reports It Will!  “Using the power of light: Preventing the airborne spread of Coronavirus and Influenza”


CLICK – Columbia University Reports.

New Sterilizing Lamp Kills Viruses and Other Pathogens in Fewer than 90 Minutes

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va., Feb. 28, 2020 — Germ Mold Buster, a division of Crawl Space Door Systems, Inc., has developed a UV-C germicidal, disinfectant light that uses shortwave UV-C radiation to deactivate microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, protozoa and mold.

Exposure to pathogens is a fact of life. They’re all around us. This UV-C light kills germs and protects people. It’s that simple.

WebMD reports that research shows this certain spectrum of ultraviolet light – UV-C light – easily kills airborne coronavirus and flu viruses and poses no risk to people. The research comes out of Columbia University Medical Center in New York City and says that this could offer a new, inexpensive way to eliminate airborne coronavirus and flu viruses in indoor public spaces.

Hospitals have been using the same UV-C light wavelength technology for years, but the cost and size of these lamps is impractical for home and small business use. They’re typically upwards of $100,000, weigh more than 25 pounds and stand at about six feet. The Germ Mold Buster weighs six pounds, stands a little more than two feet and costs $395.

UV-C light breaks the DNA strands of pathogens and makes it impossible for them to reproduce so they die off quickly. So, people can now have the same technology that hospitals have used for years.

“We’ve made this technology affordable and available to the general public,” William G. Sykes, owner, Crawl Space Door Systems, says. “The UV-C energy from our new light is an effective, environment-friendly and chemical-free approach to killing dangerous microorganisms.”

This heavy-duty, sterilizing UV-C lamp is easy to use and effective in rooms up to 600 square feet. Just place the light in the room that needs to be treated and set the timer with a remote control (for up to 90 minutes). The UV-C lamp also has an arm that swivels, allowing it to treat hard-to-reach areas such as under sinks, in bathtubs or crawl spaces.

“Safety was also paramount in the development and release of this germicidal and disinfectant UV-C lamp,” Sykes says.

As a result, it’s been tested and certified by Intertek, a company that evaluates how products and services meet and exceed quality, safety, sustainability and performance standards.


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