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Where Do I Put Flood Vents

Where Do I Put Flood Vents

Where do I put flood vents when installing them on your home or garage? Whether installing engineered openings or non-engineered openings the FEMA requirements are the same.

  • The bottom of the flood vent opening cannot be higher than 12 inches above grade.
  • A minimum of two flood vents for each enclosed area (crawlspace, garage, or rooms within a garage), and each flood vent must be on at least two different walls.
  • A minimum of one engineered square inch of opening for each square foot of enclosed area for an engineered flood vent. Or a minimum of one square inch of net open area for each square foot of enclosed area for non-engineered openings.
  • An Engineered Certificate of Flood Openings or ICC-ES report is required for engineered flood vents.

Engineered flood vents are rated for more flow rate. So, you can install fewer flood vents to cover the enclosed area. Engineered flood vents are designed and certified by design professionals to meet FEMA and NFIP requirements.

Non-engineered flood openings can be used to cover an enclosed area. But, you will need more openings to cover the enclosed area.


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