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Vent Covers: Five Secrets to Preventing Your Crawl Space Pipes from Freezing!

Vent Covers: Five Secrets to Preventing Your Crawl Space Pipes from Freezing!

freezing pipes, crawl space, crawl space pipesVent covers are essential to keep your crawl space warm.  Your crawl space needs to be your main focus when freezing weather comes knocking.  Keeping your crawlspace above freezing temperatures can save your water pipes from freezing and bursting.  Plumbing problems from freezing pipes can cost you thousands of dollars and the inconvenience of being without water until they are fixed.

The following are five secrets to keeping your crawl space above freezing temperatures and your pipes intact during the cold winter months:

1.    Prepare for the Cold Weather – Benjamin Franklin once said that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is as true today as it was when Franklin made the quote. Take the time to inspect your crawl space and look for any leaks from your pipes.  If you see any leaks, get them fixed before it leads to bigger problems.  Check your crawl space vents to make sure they are correctly working for maximum ventilation.  Replace them if needed.  A crawl space with high humidity and moisture can lead to structural and plumbing problems.  A small investment for as little as $99 can potentially save you thousands of dollars.

2.    Open Your Cabinets – Believe or not, your bathroom and kitchen cabinets with plumbing on the outside walls of your house can help or hinder you with the process of protecting your pipes during cold spells.  Take the time to open your cabinet doors and let the heat from your home help keep the pipes warm.  Every little bit helps!

3.    Keep the Drip Going! – Keep a slow drip going in your faucets so that this will hinder your pipes freezing.  Water in motion is harder to freeze than water standing still.

4.    Insulate Your Pipes – Make sure your pipes have the right insulation for the winter time.  Over time, the insulation may have worn off your pipes exposing them to the elements.  Inspect and replace any insulation that is worn or missing.

5.    Crawl Space Vent Covers Are the Key – Inspect your crawl space vent access for structural damage that can lead to cold air getting into your crawl space and causing vent covers, crawl space vent covers, crawl space, crawl space vent cover, crawl space door system,potential problems.  Replace them if needed, and if you don’t have one, I would suggest you buy one.  For under ten dollars, it will be one of the best investments to help keep your home and pipes safe.

Winter is Coming!

So, go into this winter knowing your pipes are protected from the elements.  Following the five secrets to keeping your crawl space plumbing safe and you will save thousands in repair bills and gain peace of mind.

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