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The Truth About Flood Vents

The Truth About Flood Vents

The truth about flood vents is that ICC Flood Vents and State Certified Flood Vents are Engineered Flood Vents. Flood vents are designed and rated in accordance with 44CFR60.3(c)(5), FEMA’s Bulletins, International Code Council, American Society of Civil Engineers and National Flood Insurance Program’s criteria. None of these entities endorse products but, they collaborate to uphold codes, standards, and processes for the flood industry.

However, FEMA does regulate the standards for the National Flood Insurance Program. This is important because one of the steps a homeowner can take to reduce their annual flood insurance cost is to install Engineered Flood Vents in their home’s foundation and attached garage. Getting your home FEMA Compliant can help reduce flood damage to your home during a flooding event.

Non-engineered flood openings are openings that allow water to pass through a foundation in the event of a flood. These openings could be cinder blocks turned on their side, air vents disabled in the open position or various sized openings in the foundation. These flood openings must equate enough coverage for the area. It could take numerous openings to meet the coverage area weakening the foundation.

Engineered Flood Vents are designed to release more water with fewer openings in the home’s foundation. Engineered Flood Vents are required to have State Certifications for the states they are sold in or an ICC-ES Report. Both documents are acceptable and have been for years by flood insurance writers, NFIP, surveyors, architects and city inspectors.

ICC and State Certified Flood Vents come in different models and styles. Each Engineered Flood Vent comes with an ICC-ES Report or a state Certificate of Engineered Flood Openings .

Again, ICC Rated Flood Vents and State Certified Flood are Engineered Flood Vents meaning they are designed to release floodwaters faster and equalize hydrostatic pressure. Helping to protect your home’s foundation in the event of flooding.



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