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Moisture Has Met Its Match

Business Weekly, The Virginian-Pilot, July 3, 1989

Moisture control beneath Hampton Roads homes has always been a problem.

Homeowners and builders have tried spreading sand and sheets of plastic beneath homes, and even installing temperature-controlled vents in the foundation.

Now comes another idea: the crawlspace Door.

The door was invented by Jim Jackson, from Chesapeake.

“I found out that the moisture problem in this area is so extensive that there’s not just one solution,” said Jackson.
Jackson’s product fits into the ventilation holes in the foundation of a house. It has intake and discharge ducts, as well as thrust fans and a system that closes the vent when it rains.
The idea is to suck dry air from outside under the house and to blow the cool, damp air from beneath the house. The electrical system can be controlled by a timer inside the house or automatically by a humidistat.
The benefits are many.

“A lot of the houses in Norfolk were built with creosote wood,” said Jackson.

“The odor under there is tremendous. And a lot of people have allergies that come from mold and fungus growing up under the house. The (crawlspace door system) more or less cleans the house out and dries it out over a period of time.”


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