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FEMA Rules When Installing ICC Rated Engineered Flood Vents

Installing ICC Rated Engineered Flood Vents

When, installing ICC Rated Engineered Flood Vents there are a few rules. These FEMA guidelines will help ensure the flood vents will serve their purpose and help protect your home in the event of a flood. Also, installing ICC rated engineered flood vents can help reduce your flood insurance costs.

  • The bottom of the flood vent opening cannot be higher than 12 inches from grade.
  • A minimum of two flood vents for each enclosed area (crawlspace, garage, or rooms within a garage), and each flood vent must be on at least two different walls.
  • A minimum of one engineered square inch of opening for each square foot of enclosed area for an engineered flood vent. Or a minimum of one square inch of net open area for each square foot of enclosed area for non-engineered openings.
  • An engineered certificate of flood openings is required for all engineered flood vents without an ICC-ES certification.
  • ICC-ES rated engineered flood vents are accepted in all 50 United States.

Our ICC Breakaway Flood Vent is designed to meet FEMA, NFIP and ICC requirements for Engineered Flood Vents in all 50 states. Our 16×8 breakaway flood vent covers 305 sq. ft. Making it the highest-rated flood vent that size available in the market. Getting your home FEMA compliant does not have to be expensive or complicated.


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