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Inspect Your Crawlspace Annually

Inspect Your Crawlspace Annually

Inspect your crawlspace annually. Undetected rodents and moisture problems cause severe damage in your crawlspace. Rodents can eat through duct lines causing damages you may not be aware of and costing you money in utility bills. Rodents may burrow in insulation and duct lines leaving their waste and urine that absorb into your sub-floor. Over time this can cause contamination in your home and possible health problems for your family.

Keeping moisture controlled in your crawlspace will help keep your home healthy and save you money. Moisture in your crawlspace can be caused from duct work sweating on humid days, exterior grade being higher than the interior grade and moisture naturally evaporating from the ground. High moisture in the crawlspace is very inviting to termites that can destroy your home if not treated.

Hire a pest control company to start treating your home every six months for termites and pests. Most pest control companies offer crawlspace moisture control solutions such as, vapor barriers, dehumidifiers, fan systems and crawlspace encapsulation. If you are unsure about what your crawlspace may need. You can purchase an Accurite weather station to monitor humidity in your crawlspace for a few weeks before deciding what steps to take.

You can always start your own crawlspace and foundation inspection before calling anyone even if you don’t want to do the work. Inspect your home every six months by walking around your home’s foundation. Look for foundation cracks, openings rodents may enter, condition of your air vents and crawlspace access. Shine a flashlight in your crawlspace to look for broken HVAC lines, rodents and standing water.

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inspect your crawlspace annually
Inspect your crawlspace annually for rats and moisture problems.

Here is a great link to 4 Reasons You May Have Rats and Mice


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