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Hawaii Hurricane: Beware of Once in a Lifetime Event

Hawaii Hurricane: Once in a Lifetime Event

Our hearts and thoughts go out to those affected by the recent Hawaii hurricane and resulting floods.  We can’t imagine the devastation that resulted in the hurricane.

Heavy rain will likely be the storm’s biggest impact; flash flood watches are in effect for all of the islands.  Twenty inches of rain has already fallen on parts of the Big Island.

The rainfall caused landslides on a highway on the Big Island, the National Weather Service said, citing county officials.

Life-threatening surf is also expected across the islands over the next few days. The large waves and storm surge will push water levels 2 to 4 feet above normal tide levels, especially along the state’s southern and western shores.

Maui County Mayor Alan Arakawa stressed the severity of the storm during a press conference Wednesday.  “This is the most serious … and I’ve been alive 63 years,” Arakawa told reporters.

It is always important to prepare for the storm and the aftermath.  Many residents didn’t heed the warning of the oncoming hurricane since they were lucky in the past.  The result is that many residents were not prepared and sustained substantial damage to their property.

For up to date news, go to The following is a link to read so that you are well prepared should a storm and floods head your way:



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