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Get Ready Day:  Twelve Tips on How You Can Prepare for a Flood

Get Ready Day:  Twelve Tips on How You Can Prepare for a Flood

Get Ready DayGet Ready Day (falls on the third Tuesday of September) challenges us to prepare for a flood and other disasters.  You may think you are safe from a flood because you are not in a FEMA Flood Zone, but a FEMA flood zone lets you know how likely you will be flooded.

Because of changing environmental conditions, you need to get ready for flooding during the most unexpected times.  Here are twelve secrets to take advantage of Get Ready Day and you can be prepared for any flood:

  1. Know Your Evacuation Plans - Find out what your community’s evacuation Evacuation Route, traffic jamplans are in case of a flood. This may include shelter locations, evacuation routes, and emergency alert systems
  2. Develop Emergency Contacts - Identify an out-of-state contact person in case you are separated from your family and local phone lines are jammed. Make sure everyone in your family knows the name, text number, and phone number of this person. It also helps to know their social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and other popular accounts they may use.
  3. Educate Your College-Aged Children – Let your children away at college know what your plans are should you have a flood. Furthermore, make sure your kids communicate with the college’s emergency or student services department to find out what to do if a flood hits their campus.
  4. Communicate with Public Safety – Inform the police and fire departments that you have a person living in your home who would need special assistance during a flood.
  5. Get Current on Your Shots – Flood waters are breeding ground for germs, waste products, and hazardous chemicals. Update your tetanus shots in case you are hurt during a flood. (Adults need a tetanus booster shot every 10 years.)
  6. Stockpile Food and Water – Store your non-perishable foods in waterproof water bottle, drinkable watercontainers and get plenty of bottle water for the long haul. Get enough food and water for at least three days.
  7. Move Your Vehicle – Move your vehicle to higher ground. Many locations will allow you to park your vehicle in their municipal parking lots for free.
  8. Prepare Your Essentials Kit - Make sure to replenish and store a portable first-aid kit, waterproof gloves, clothes, and high boots, insect repellant and a battery-powered radio. Also, store any other essential items, such as diapers or medication, in waterproof containers.
  9. Pack Your Backpack - Prepare a smaller stockpile kit in a backpack that you can take with you in case of evacuation.
  10. Consider Buying Flood Insurance - Flood insurance can give you peace of mind and minimize the property lost, especially if you live in a high-risk flood area. Note:  Coverage for most flood insurance policies will not start until thirty days after you sign up for the insurance.  So think ahead.
  11. Install or Replace Your Flood Vents – If you have a crawl space, install or flood vent, engineered flood vent, FEMA certified flood vent, crawl space door systems, flood vents in virginia beach, flood vents in hampton roads, flood vents for crawl spacesreplace your flood vents. Flood vents are important because they will mitigate the flooding in your crawl space and release the water pressure in your crawl space before it can cause damage to your foundation.  Note: By installing FEMA complaint engineered flood vents may save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars off your flood insurance.  Check with your flood insurance agent for details.
  12. Move Your Valuables Up - If you have a basement, move valuable items off the floor or to a higher level. The same is true for the first floor.

Follow these twelve tips on how to prepare for a flood and you will have a less stressful, less damaging, and safer experience when a flood comes knocking at your door on Get Ready Day or another day.

If you need additional information on flood prevention or our flood vent solutions, please go to flood vent We also have tips and techniques to keep your crawl space mold and mildew free, pest control, reduce HVAC costs, reduce flood insurance costs, and create a healthier home for you and your family.  Take a moment to contact us at 757-363-0005 or email us at or will be glad to follow up with you to see how we can help you.

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