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Flood Readiness: Eleven Steps to Prepare Your Home for a Flood

Flood Readiness: Eleven Steps to Prepare Your Home for a Flood

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Courtesy of FEMA

It is that time of season again: hurricane season.  And as usual, along with hurricanes come floods.  The question to ask yourself is: Am I ready to withstand a flood?

During a flood is not the best time to think about if you are prepared.  Planning and taking the appropriate actions ahead of time will minimize any damage to your home or wallet.

Here is an eleven point action checklist you should apply before a flood arrives at your doorstep:

  1. Re-evaluate Your Homeowners or Flood Insurance Policies – Flood maps change, and property values go up during your lifetime.  After a flood is not the best time to find out that you don’t have enough insurance to cover the damage.  Take the time to go over your policy with your insurance expert to make sure you are covered.
  2. Secure and Reinforce Windows and Doors – Do a maintenance check to see if window latches need to be replaced or door locks need to be tightened or replaced.  If need be, go to your local hardware store to buy the necessary supplies to protect your windows from flying objects and wind damage.
  3. Seal and Secure the Roof – See if any roofing tiles need to be repaired or replaced.
  4. Trim Branches and Trees – One of the biggest sources of damage during a tree trimming, trimming branches, brancheshurricane is trees branches breaking off and crashing into your home.  Trim any dead branches to rid yourself of this hazard.
  5. Store Flammable Liquids in Safe Place – Bring in flammable liquids or secure them outside your home.
  6. Secure Solar Panels and Satellite Dishes with Anchors – Go to your local hardware store and get anchors so that you can secure items on your roof such as solar panels or satellite dishes.
  7. Check and Clean Drain Systems – We don’t need to assist a storm when it comes.  Clean out gutters so that storm waters won’t sit on your roof and cause internal damage.  Also clean out any drainage around and especially in front of your house so that water can drain.
  8. Move Your Vehicles to Higher Ground – Make sure you move your vehicles to higher ground so that there will not be water damage causing thousands of dollars.  If your property doesn’t sit on high ground, many localities will let you use public parking facilities to park your car during a hurricane.
  9. Remove Any Debris Around Your Home – Move any loose debris into your garage or shed so that damage from flying debris will not give you a headache.  Remember to bring in your garbage cans.
  10. Secure Outdoor Furniture, Tools, and Equipment – If you can bring them in your garage, that is the best option.  If not, secure them with rope or chains so that they won’t cause damage.
  11. Make Sure You Have Flood Vents on Your Home – As your local home improvement, pest control specialist, or home service contractor to check your crawl space flood vents.  These vents will help to minimize foundation damage by releasing the water pressure that is built up with your crawl space being flooded.  By having flood vents installed on your home, you can possibly save thousands of dollars off your flood insurance (check with your insurance agent).

Apply these eleven tips and minimize damage to your property during a storm or hurricane.  For more information on our flood prevention solutions, go to flood prevent solutions.



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