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FEMA Flood Vents And Wet Floodproofing Your Home

FEMA Flood Vents And Wet Floodproofing Your Home

FEMA flood vents and wet floodproofing your home are terms that are very important to you if you live in a flood zone. FEMA defines wet floodproofing as floodproofing structural or nonstructural changes or adjustments included in the design, construction, or alteration of a building that reduce damage to the building and its contents from flooding and erosion. Wet floodproofing a residence would consist of installing flood vents, filling basements or crawlspaces and raising utilities above the BFE.

Definition from FEMA

Installing Engineered Flood Vents is one of the most common practices of floodproofing a residential home. FEMA defines Engineered Openings as openings that are designed and certified by a registered design professional as meeting the
performance required by the regulations are called “engineered openings.”

See FEMA TB 1 2008

Studies have shown during a flood hydrostatic pressure, the weight of standing water, increases as water fills the crawlspace or garage. Installing engineered flood vents lets the water pass freely in and out of the enclosed area helping the structure to maintain its integrity. Remember, if your home has an attached garage it will need to be properly vented like your crawlspace.

There are different models and styles of engineered flood vents for wet floodproofing your home. Different models of engineered flood vents have a different amounts of area coverage. Some engineered flood vents are designed two allow air flow in and out of the area being floodproofed. While, other flood vents are designed to keep the elements out for garages or encapsulated crawlspaces. But, all are designed to help reduce the damage to your home during a flood.

If you have are concerened you may need FEMA flood vents and to start wet floodproofing your home contact your flood insurance provider or the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) for assistance.

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