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Announcing New Encapsulation Tools to Keep Your Crawl Space Dry!

Announcing New Encapsulation Tools to Keep Your Crawl Space Dry!

capped stakes, vapor barrier capped stakes, encapsulation, crawl space capped stakes, crawl space, moisture control, crawl space crawl system, virginia beach hampton roads, va, vapor barrier stakes in virginia beach, vapor barrier stakes in hampton roads, vapor barrier stakes in virginiaDid you know that water is the enemy of your crawl space?   Did you know that encapsulation can keep your crawl space dry?  Did you know you can save your clients  thousands of dollars in repairs because of the following:

  • Mold
  • Mildew
  • Pest Destruction
  • HVAC Costs
  • Rotting Wood
  • Unhealthy Air Throughout Your Home

If neglected, their crawl spaces can be the biggest cause of structural and health problems in the home.  The cost of having a crawl space with moisture can be thousands of dollars in repair and the untold amount of health and respiratory problems.  Having a well-maintained vapor barrier will help waterproof your crawl space and can help you eliminate the problems for your clients.

What is the Encapsulation Solution?

Crawl Space Door Systems has the encapsulation solutions to keep your crawl space dry, encapsulation, vapor barrier, crawl space vapor barrier, crawl space encapsulation,healthy, and functioning in tip top condition.  With the following industry leading crawl space solutions, you can rest assure that your client's crawl spaces will be dry and you will be The Crawl Space Expert in your client's eyes:

  • Vapor Barrier Poly
  • Capped Vapor Barrier Stakes
  • Vapor Barrier Fasteners
  • Humidistat
  • 6 Inch Vapor Barrier Stakes
  • Vapor Barrier Tape
  • Butyl Tape

Contact us to find out how our encapsulation tools can provide you with quality solutions and keep your client's crawl space dry and healthy.  Go to the following link to find out more details:

You contact us at 757-363-0005, email us at or will be glad to follow up with you to see how we can help you.


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