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Crawlspace Ventilation

Crawlspace Ventilation!

Crawlspace Ventilation is used to remove bad air from the crawlspace and replace it with good outside air.  In fact the International Residential Building Code Section R408 requires ventilation for both vented and unvented crawlspaces.

R408.1 Ventilation.  The under-floor space between the bottom of the floor joists and the earth under any building (except space occupied by a basement) shall have ventilation openings through foundation walls or exterior walls.

R408.2 Openings for under-floor ventilation. The minimum net area of ventilation openings shall not be less than 1 square foot (0.0929 m2) for each 150 square feet (14 m2) of under-floor area.

R408.3 Unvented crawl space. Ventilation openings in under-floor spaces specified in Sections R408.1 and R408.2 shall not be required where there a continuously operated mechanical exhaust ventilation fan that exhausts air from the crawlspace at a rate of 1 cubic foot per minute for each 50 square feet of the crawlspace floor area.

Crawlspace Ventilation can be provided by any of following:

Foundation 8" x 16" Power Fan Vent - (COMING SOON - September 2016)

Crawlspace VentsFEMA-Compliant-Non-Engineered-Flood-Vents

Crawlspace Ventilation

Crawlspace portable fans

Crawlspace portable fan systems

Crawlspace door fans

Shutter fan

Crawlspace ventilation is not complicated or expensive.  Most homeowners can do it themselves.

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