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Crawlspace Exhaust Fan – Health Benefits for Your Home!

Crawlspace Exhaust Fan – Health Benefits for Your Home!

Putting an exhaust fan in your home’s crawl space eliminates a variety of health-related issues.  One of the problems in your home that can cause health issues for you and your family is mold.  There are a variety of health issues that mold can cause.  By investing in an exhaust fan to put in your crawl space you can minimize or eliminate mold the concern you may concern your health.

Health Issues Caused by Mold

The following are health issues caused by mold growing in your crawl space:

  • Allergic reactions: Because molds produce allergens, those who are allergy-prone may experience allergic reactions from touching or inhaling mold or its spores. These allergic reactions may take the form of sneezing, red eyes, a skin rash or a runny nose.
  • Asthma attacks: Mold can also trigger asthma attacks in those who have asthma and are allergic to mold.
  • Irritations: People who are both allergic and not allergic to mold may experience irritated eyes, nose, throat, lungs or skin.

Common Areas for Crawl Space Mold Growth

Potential locations for mold to hide include:

  • Crawl space ductwork
  • Walls around pipes that are experiencing leaking or condensation

Benefits of an Exhaust Fan for Your Crawl Space

One way to reduce the chances of hidden mold developing in your home is to install an exhaust fan in your crawl space.  An exhaust fan will remove this moisture, as well as replace it with fresh, dry air from outside your home.  An additional benefit, the ventilation from an exhaust fan in this area of your home will aid in removing intense odors and radon gas (which is highly dangerous) from the crawl space.  Radon gas has been known to cause cancer in homeowners who are smokers and nonsmokers alike according to the EPA.

Exhaust Fan: Types of Fans to Fit Your Needs

When considering which exhaust fan is right for your situation, there are several types of fans you might consider. They include the following:

  • Portable fans: This type of exhaust fan brings air to difficult-to-reach spots in the crawl space to provide a stream of air with an effective cross-flow.

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    Portable Exhaust Fan
  • Shutter fans: These remove moisture, radon, and odors from the crawl space while pulling in fresh air from outside your home. They feature shutters that swing open when the fan comes on, and that close when the fan is no longer on.Exhaust fan, crawl space fan, shutter fan, crawl Space Door Systems, hampton roads, va, virginia beach
  • Door-mounted fans: These fans perform the same functions as non-door-mounted shutter fans, but are placed in the door of your crawl space. They are easy to install and provide clear access to the crawl space itself.

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    Door Mounted Exhaust Fan

To find out how crawl space fans can give you a healthier living environment, call Crawl Space Door Systems at 757-363-0005, email us at, or go to our website at for additional information.


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