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Charles Saved $1,505 by Using Flood Vents!

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Charles Saved $1,505 by Using Flood Vents!

One of our flood vent customers, Charles, sent us a testimonial that I want to pass on to you!

Billy and Chris-

I was waiting to find out the exact annual premium savings before thanking you for your help because I wanted you to know exactly how big an impact we made:  a $1505 reduction in my annual premium.  I’m flabbergasted.  If you want to add that anecdotal information to your website feel free.  Or if you feel that it would help your business in any way, I am happy to share the particulars of my case with anyone that might need convincing of the benefits from installing your flood vents and making some upgrades to their crawl space.

Again, I greatly appreciate your help and if I can assist you in some way in the future, please let me know.

Best wishes for Happy Holidays,


Charles used our engineered flood vents with our Virginia Engineered Flood Vent Certification.  For additional information about engineered flood vents you can refer to FEMA’s Technical Bulletin – 1 (2008).

Charles saved $1,505 by using flood vents.  Maybe you can do the same thing.


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