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Capped Vapor Barrier Stakes? How to Save Money and Time Using Them!

Why use Capped Vapor Barrier Stakes? How to Save Money and Time Using Them!

Crawl Space Poly Stakes
Crawl Space Capped Vapor Barrier Stakes

Why use Crawl Space Door Systems’ Capped Vapor Barrier Stakes instead of crawlspace Insulation Hangers (straight and have to be physically bent)?

Our Crawlspace Capped Vapor Barrier Stakes are designed specifically for installing vapor barrier aka. poly mill or plastic sheeting.

When installing vapor barrier most people use insulation hangers aka “tiger teeth”, bending them in half and forcing them through the poly into the dirt. As a result, the hanger is bent, sticks out and is not flush to the poly. When people crawl in and out of the crawlspace they may hit their knees hurting themselves or disrupt the vapor barrier installed. Also, the soil / dirt may be hard and you may struggle installing the hangers into the ground.

Crawl Space Capped Vapor Barrier Stakes and Vapor Barrier
Crawl Space Capped Vapor Barrier Stakes and poly

Our Crawl Space Door Systems Capped Vapor Barrier Stakes are designed to make installing vapor barrier easy, safe, and provide a clean aesthetic finished install. The u-shaped Vapor Barrier Stakes slide into the Crawl Space Door Systems Caps providing a flat surface that can be pushed or hammered with a rubber mallet flush with the vapor barrier. After finished install, there are no extruding hangers to injure the installer or to disrupt the poly mil with unwanted rips.

The bottom line is that our stakes will save you time, money, are durable and creates a safe work environment.

To find out more about how our stakes can help you seal your poly and create a great encapsulation and keep your crawl space healthy, go to:

If you need more information on how to keep moisture out of your crawl space, call us at 757-363-0005, email us at, or go to our website at  Also become a Facebook Fan at


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