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Executive Summary

Crawl Space Door Systems, Inc. knows that, when you buy or build a home, the least concern is usually the crawlspace. The overwhelming outward appearances of a home or an advantageous selling price most often diminish its priority. –What a mistake! – This is the foundation of your beautiful home upon which lies the strength of your investment. The substructure and its connection to the ground bear the entire weight of the superstructure. If it is not examined carefully, giving due consideration to appearance, access, ventilation, moisture content and structural integrity, it can be a major economic drain or negate your entire investment.

The crawlspace is one of the least accessorized components of any home. The first two products available were steel access doors and metal vents. A third item, about 1980, became very popular, which was the automatic temperature control vent. In 1986, the first fan vent was invented as part of a whole crawlspace ventilation system. It was during this period of time that the EPA recognized that ventilating a crawlspace had dramatic effects on mold and moisture.

Work began, in 1996, by Crawl Space Door Systems, to create a product line that would give the home owner and the builder a means to improve an existing house or a new home. A little known fact is that there are no replacement steel access doors, only new ones. The entire door must be removed from the brick and mortar. None of the doors have screens for ventilation. The average life span for a steel door is less than 4 years. This is where we began. A plastic crawlspace door was needed that was durable, non-corrosive, easily installed, as new or replacement, and would act as a large ventilator.

Three different crawlspace doors were patented in 1998. Prototypes had been developed and sold to begin marketing. The most desirable door was our Deluxe Crawl Space Door. Manufacturing began to emphasize the best seller. Both Kay Bee Plastics and Norva Plastics were the first two manufacturers, located in Norfolk, VA. We have seven (7) door sizes, and began ordering in units of ten (10). By the year 2004, we are now ordering in units of 2000. Crawl Space Door Systems, Inc. owns the molds for all seven doors. Our manufacturers are in Norfolk, VA and in Taiwan.

This Deluxe Door is a multiple use door. In the beginning, we were solely content on just selling the door. With the door comes a screen for added ventilation; however, the screen used without the lid fits FEMA requirements for necessary flood screens. Patents have been applied for exhaust fans mounted on the door lid as well. With summer humidity crawl spaces sweat. The exhaust fan is the single most effective answer for drying. A correctly positioned crawlspace door exhaust fan will dry the moisture content from wood and insulation. This also reduces mold’s ability to survive in dry crawlspace. Interior crawlspace directional fans are also patent pending.

The most significant item in our product line is the Deluxe Door because it is a multi-faceted product. While it accomplishes sealing off a crawlspace or giving access where there was none before, it is also fitted with a ½” gird screen or full size louver for maximum ventilation where and when needed.

*As a matter of note: FEMA began requiring flood screens, louvers, and/or vents as part of the National Flood Insurance Program to reduce hydrostatic pressure on houses in the flood zone. Our Deluxe Door has seven (7) sized fitted with either the ½” grid screen or louver, both of which are FEMA compliant a flood venting and approved by local building inspectors, insurance companies, and surveyors. The fact is that our product can be used in the beginning structure requiring fewer units, or to bring a structure into compliance with the least amount of changes.

This same deluxe door has patents applied for as an exhaust fan for crawlspaces. This exhaust is built into the outer cover which is 3/16” thick plastic. The exhaust fan system reduces sweating from A/C lines, lowers molds ability to grow and improve freshness of air quality.

**Note: Exhaust fans can and do dry out crawlspaces. They are the single, most effective way to make a change in the crawlspace environment. They can reduce condensation, and mold growth, in addition to void odors and gases, such as radon.

Specifically, warmer air drafted through a crawlspace equalizes the temperature and will stop condensation, at that point. The systems must be run twenty four (24) hours during peak heat and humidity. Insulation will dry as well as ground if uncovered. The main requirements are adequate fan CFM’s relative to cubic foot measurements of crawl spaces. Cluttered and low crawlspace require fan CFM as close to crawlspace cubic foot measurement giving air intake and discharge once every minute. High and open crawlspaces can use as low as 60% CFM to cubic foot measurement, where applicable.

To help the exhaust fans, we have under home directional fans of different sizes and CFM’s to articulate air flow in dead areas. These are also patent pending.

The company’s target is to sell our best seller nationally. Upon ordering Crawl Space Door, you will receive the product in a labeled carton with necessary hardware and instructions to install. If you are local to the Hampton Roads area or are flying in to this area, we have a showroom at 3700 Shore Drive, Suite 101, in Virginia Beach. Although we have our door displays, screen and louver displays, FEMA flood screen and louver displays, fans displays; we also have space adequate for seminars in all trades involved.

“Simply” – Our goal is to replace all existing doors and new construction crawlspace doors with a multi use door that is capable of not only sealing crawl space areas but cross ventilating and air evacuation as well.


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